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There is a list of medications containing "Cefpodoxime Proxetil" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Cefpodoxime Proxetil medications The last trade name of products
3G Guard 3G Guard - Akpod Akpod
Alcef S Alcef S - Ampodox Ampodox
Amradox Amradox - Aqdoxim DS Aqdoxim DS
Aripdox Aripdox - Avdox Avdox
Avicef-O Avicef-O - Banadoz Banadoz
Banan Banan - Biodoxin Biodoxin
Bioprox Bioprox - Capadex Capadex
Capoten Capoten - Ce-Dexim Ce-Dexim
Cediff Cediff - Cefage-O Cefage-O
Cefakind-P Cefakind-P - Cefdom Cefdom
Cefdomax Cefdomax - Cefinid-P Cefinid-P
Cefipod Cefipod - Cefober Cefober
Cefobit Cefobit - Cefopod Cefopod
Ceforiz Ceforiz - Cefpodime Cefpodime
Cefpodoxim Cefpodoxim - Cefpodoxime (EG Labo) Cefpodoxime (EG Labo)
Cefpodoxime (Maxim Pharmaceuticals) Cefpodoxime (Maxim Pharmaceuticals) - Cefpodoxime (Sandoz) Cefpodoxime (Sandoz)
Cefpodoxime (Sanofi-Aventis) Cefpodoxime (Sanofi-Aventis) - Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Qualimed Pharma) Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Qualimed Pharma)
Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Ratiopharm) Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Ratiopharm) - Cefpoluck Cefpoluck
Cefponek Cefponek - CefPRX Cefprx
Cefsis Cefsis - Cefuzix Cefuzix
Cefvig Cefvig - Cepocef Cepocef
Cepocor Cepocor - Cepomax Cepomax
Ceponix Ceponix - Cepotel Cepotel
Cepoten Cepoten - Cepoxin (Acinom Healthcare) Cepoxin (Acinom Healthcare)
Cepoxin (Jarson Pharmaceuticals) Cepoxin (Jarson Pharmaceuticals) - Chemocef Chemocef
Chiprox Chiprox - Clebactin Clebactin
Codimol Codimol - Cupal Cupal
Custum O Custum O - Dinpocef Dinpocef
Dioxim Dioxim - Doxef Doxef
Doxef-Kid Doxef-Kid - Doxpro Doxpro
Doxseal Doxseal - Efydec Efydec
Emprox Emprox - Eupod Eupod
Eurocef Eurocef - Felix Felix
Fixnat Fixnat - Gempodox Gempodox
Genocef Genocef - Gratel Gratel
Greepod Greepod - Hipodox Hipodox
Hipodoxime Hipodoxime - Ipodex Ipodex
Ipod-Kid Ipod-Kid - Kefmax Kefmax
Kefodime Kefodime - Kindcef Kindcef
Kinopox Kinopox - Lericef Lericef
Linidox Linidox - Maxipod Maxipod
Maxpod Maxpod - Modex Modex
Modicef-O Modicef-O - Mucocef-O Mucocef-O
Mycef-O Mycef-O - Nextil Nextil
Nikocef Nikocef - Nupod Nupod
Nuprox Nuprox - Orelox Pediatrique Orelox Pediatrique
Oribro Oribro - Pandox Pandox
Papcef Papcef - Pefpo Pefpo
Penfixil Penfixil - Pod Pod
Podact Podact - Podix Podix
Podman Podman - Podomed Podomed
Podom-Kid Podom-Kid - Polypod Polypod
Pome Pome - Premicef Premicef
Prime Prime - Promla Promla
Propido Propido - Proxzil Proxzil
Prozetil Prozetil - Raypod Raypod
R-CDox R-CDox - Resprox Resprox
Rexcef Rexcef - Roximreta Roximreta
Rubispor Rubispor - Scliv Scliv
Sef Oxi Sef Oxi - Sepodim Sepodim
Seytri-O Seytri-O - Sozipod Sozipod
Spectratil Spectratil - Sumidox Sumidox
Sunpod Sunpod - Tacodox Kidtab Tacodox Kidtab
Takedox Takedox - Toppod Toppod
Travecef Travecef - Vanair Vanair
Vegatax Vegatax - Vondoxime Vondoxime
Voyprox Voyprox - Xedo Xedo
Xefotil Xefotil - XPod XPod
XPom XPom - Zefira Zefira
Zekpod Zekpod - Zifpod Zifpod
Zimpod Zimpod - ZYX ZYX

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