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There is a list of medicines containing "Cefpodoxime Proxetil" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Cefpodoxime Proxetil drugs The last trade name of products
AB-Doxin AB-Doxin - Akpod-DT Akpod-DT
Alcepid Alcepid - Ancidox-DT Ancidox-DT
Annoxe Annoxe - Asdox Asdox
Asspod Asspod - Bactiloc Bactiloc
Bactogard Bactogard - Biodox Biodox
Biopod Biopod - Bypodox Bypodox
Cadicefpo Cadicefpo - CDox-DS CDox-DS
C-Doxime C-Doxime - Cefa Cefa
Cefakind-P Cefakind-P - Cefdo-DT Cefdo-DT
Cefdom Cefdom - Cefipod Cefipod
Cefiz Cefiz - Cefobit Cefobit
Cefoclox-DT Cefoclox-DT - Cefolex Cefolex
Cefomat Cefomat - Cefotop Cefotop
Cefowin-O Cefowin-O - Cefpod Cefpod
Cefpod-DT Cefpod-DT - Cefpodoxime (Actiza Pharmaceutical) Cefpodoxime (Actiza Pharmaceutical)
Cefpodoxime (Almus) Cefpodoxime (Almus) - Cefpodoxime (Minimed Laboratories) Cefpodoxime (Minimed Laboratories)
Cefpodoxime (Orchid Healthcare) Cefpodoxime (Orchid Healthcare) - Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Mylan) Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Mylan)
Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Sandoz) Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Sandoz) - Cefpoluck Cefpoluck
Cefpomet Cefpomet - Cefpotil Cefpotil
Cefpover-DT Cefpover-DT - Cefsis Cefsis
Ceftil Ceftil - Cefxtra-O DT Cefxtra-O DT
Cefzyn-DT Cefzyn-DT - Cepodel Cepodel
Cepodem-DT Cepodem-DT - Ceponex Ceponex
Ceponix-Duo Ceponix-Duo - Cepoxetil Cepoxetil
Cepoxil Cepoxil - C-Fode C-Fode
C-Foxid C-Foxid - Cipona Cipona
Cipozed Cipozed - CPDox-DT CPDox-DT
CP-Max CP-Max - Cyrox Cyrox
Daedox Daedox - Docsef Docsef
Docser-DT Docser-DT - Doxifia-DT Doxifia-DT
Doxim Doxim - Dronex-DT Dronex-DT
Dyna-Cefpodoxime Dyna-Cefpodoxime - Emiprox-DS Emiprox-DS
Endocef Endocef - Eupod Eupod
Euroscafox Euroscafox - Fasst Fasst
Fecopod Fecopod - Foloup-DT Foloup-DT
Fotaxime Fotaxime - Genpoxim Genpoxim
Ginvin-DT Ginvin-DT - Hai Ling Yi Hai Ling Yi
HB-Pod DS HB-Pod DS - Hycef-DT Hycef-DT
Hygicep-JR Hygicep-JR - Ipod Kid Ipod Kid
Ipodex Ipodex - K-Dox K-Dox
Kefdox-DT Kefdox-DT - Klepod Klepod
K-Pod DT K-Pod DT - Licefo-DS Licefo-DS
Lifepod-DT Lifepod-DT - Masterpod Masterpod
Maxpod Maxpod - Micropod-DT Micropod-DT
Min Xin Min Xin - MPod-DT MPod-DT
Mucodrox-DT Mucodrox-DT - New Cepho New Cepho
Nexipod-DS Nexipod-DS - Nupod-DT Nupod-DT
Octiprox Octiprox - Orelox Enfants et Nourrissons Orelox Enfants et Nourrissons
Orelox Pediatrico Orelox Pediatrico - Pacicef-O DT Pacicef-O DT
Padoxin Padoxin - Pencital Pencital
Perzen Perzen - Podcef-DT Podcef-DT
Pod-DT Pod-DT - Podmap-DS Podmap-DS
Podmik-DT Podmik-DT - Podom-Kid Podom-Kid
Podoriv Podoriv - Podoxifresh Podoxifresh
Podoxil-DT Podoxil-DT - Polypod Polypod
Popzim Popzim - Primor Primor
Primor-DT Primor-DT - Proxedox Proxedox
Proxicef Proxicef - Q-Pod Q-Pod
Q-Tax-O DT Q-Tax-O DT - Recilife Recilife
Rekounter Rekounter - Rispod Rispod
Rolxexim Rolxexim - Safetil Safetil
Safpod Safpod - Sedpod Sedpod
Seercef-DT Seercef-DT - Selbako Selbako
Sepodim-DT Sepodim-DT - Sivpro Sivpro
Snovipod-D Snovipod-D - Starin-DS Starin-DS
Steicef Steicef - Sydox Sydox
Symoprox Symoprox - Tivpodox Tivpodox
Tizoxim Tizoxim - Trudox Trudox
Trusef Trusef - Vandox Vandox
Vanpox Vanpox - Viziprox Viziprox
Volkpod Volkpod - Xedo Xedo
Xefdim-DT Xefdim-DT - Xodop Xodop
Xop-DT Xop-DT - Zandox Zandox
ZedCF ZedCF - Zidime-DT Zidime-DT
Zilpod Zilpod - ZYX ZYX

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