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There is a list of medications containing "Cefpodoxime Proxetil" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Cefpodoxime Proxetil medicines The last trade name of products
AB-Doxin DT AB-Doxin DT - Albroxim Albroxim
Alcepid Kid Alcepid Kid - Andoxime Andoxime
Anucef-O Anucef-O - Asdox-DT Asdox-DT
Astapod Astapod - Bactiloc-DS Bactiloc-DS
Bactogard-DT Bactogard-DT - Biodoxin Biodoxin
Bioprox Bioprox - Cacef Cacef
Cafage-O Cafage-O - C-Doxim DT C-Doxim DT
CDX CDX - Cefadox Cefadox
Cefakind-P DT Cefakind-P DT - Cefdolexe Cefdolexe
Cefdomax Cefdomax - Cefipod-DS Cefipod-DS
Cefiz-DT Cefiz-DT - Cefobit-DT Cefobit-DT
Cefocure Cefocure - Cefolex-DT Cefolex-DT
Cefomed Cefomed - Cefotp Cefotp
Cefox Cefox - Cefpodan Cefpodan
Cefpodea Cefpodea - Cefpodoxime (Albion Pharmaceuticals) Cefpodoxime (Albion Pharmaceuticals)
Cefpodoxime (APL Swift Services Malta) Cefpodoxime (APL Swift Services Malta) - Cefpodoxime (Mylan) Cefpodoxime (Mylan)
Cefpodoxime (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals) Cefpodoxime (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals) - Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Qualimed Pharma) Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Qualimed Pharma)
Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Sanofi-Aventis) Cefpodoxime Enfants et Nourrissons (Sanofi-Aventis) - Cefpomed Cefpomed
Cefpomol Cefpomol - Cefpotin Cefpotin
Cefpovin Cefpovin - Cefstrong Cefstrong
Ceftils Ceftils - Cefzef Cefzef
CE-Meri CE-Meri - Cepodem Cepodem
Cepodexim Cepodexim - Ceponix Ceponix
Ceponox Ceponox - Cepoxid Cepoxid
Cepoxim Cepoxim - C-Fonir C-Fonir
CFP CFP - Cipotoz Cipotoz
Cipozone Cipozone - CP-DS CP-DS
CPod CPod - Cytopod-DT Cytopod-DT
Daneecep-DS Daneecep-DS - Docsef-DT Docsef-DT
Dofexim Dofexim - Doxijab Doxijab
Doxim Doxim - Duraceff Duraceff
Dynapod Dynapod - Emprox Emprox
Endoxil Endoxil - Eupod Eupod
Euroseafox Euroseafox - Fasst-D Fasst-D
Fecopod-DT Fecopod-DT - Forexo Forexo
Fox Fox - Gepod Gepod
Givecef Givecef - Hanan Hanan
Healpod Healpod - Hygicep Hygicep
Hypod-DT Hypod-DT - Ipod Kid DT Ipod Kid DT
Ipodex-DT Ipodex-DT - Kedox Kedox
Kefmax Kefmax - Kopex Kopex
Kudox Kudox - Lidox Lidox
Linidox Linidox - Masterpod-DT Masterpod-DT
Maxpod Maxpod - Midpod Midpod
Mintodox Mintodox - Mucocef-O Mucocef-O
Mycef-O Mycef-O - Newdoxime Newdoxime
Nexpod Nexpod - Nuprox Nuprox
Odop Odop - Orelox Paediatric Orelox Paediatric
Orelox Pediatrique Orelox Pediatrique - Pacidox Pacidox
Pafexim Pafexim - Penfixil Penfixil
P-Fixim P-Fixim - Podcross Podcross
Podent Podent - Podmap-DT Podmap-DT
Podmon Podmon - Podoprox Podoprox
Podoriv-DT Podoriv-DT - Podoxil Podoxil
Podoxim Podoxim - Polypod-DT Polypod-DT
Porod Porod - Primor Forte Primor Forte
Pripod Pripod - Proxef Proxef
Proxicep Proxicep - Q-Tax DT Q-Tax DT
Qualipod Qualipod - Recutin-DT Recutin-DT
Relcep-DT Relcep-DT - R-Me R-Me
Ropod Ropod - Safodex Safodex
Safpod-DT Safpod-DT - Sedpod-DT Sedpod-DT
Sef Oxi Sef Oxi - Selpodox Selpodox
Sepodox-DT Sepodox-DT - Sleapod Sleapod
Snudicef Snudicef - Starpod Starpod
Steicef-DT Steicef-DT - Sydox Sydox
Symprox Symprox - Tixor-O Tixor-O
Tocef Tocef - Trudox-DT Trudox-DT
Tufpod Tufpod - Vandox-DS Vandox-DS
Vanpox-DT Vanpox-DT - Viziprox-DT Viziprox-DT
Volkpod-DT Volkpod-DT - Xedo Plus Xedo Plus
Xefotil Xefotil - Xofdim Xofdim
XPod XPod - Zandox-DT Zandox-DT
Zedocef Zedocef - Zifpod Zifpod
Zimpod Zimpod - ZYX-DT ZYX-DT

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